FreeDV v1.9.6 released

Merry Christmas! This release contains the following content:

  1. Bugfixes:
    • Use SetSize/GetSize instead of SetClientSize/GetClientSize to work around startup sizing issue. (PR #611)
    • Check for RIGCAPS_NOT_CONST in Hamlib 4.6. (PR #615)
    • Make main screen gauges horizontal to work around sizing/layout issues. (PR #613)
    • Fix compiler issue with certain versions of MinGW. (PR #622)
    • Suppress use of space bar when in RX Only mode. (PR #623)
    • Fix Windows-specific issue preventing entry of very high frequencies. (PR #624)
  2. Enhancements:
    • Add option to add a delay after starting TX and before ending TX. (PR #618)
    • Allow serial PTT to be enabled along with OmniRig. (PR #619)
    • Add 800XA to multi-RX list. (PR #617)
    • Add logic to report status message to FreeDV Reporter. (PR #620)
    • Allow display and entry of frequencies in KHz. (PR #621)
    • Add 5368.5 KHz to the default frequency list. (PR #626)

More information and download links can be found here.