Mooneer’s FreeDV Update – January 2024

This month, freedv-gui got the following bug fixes and feature enhancements:

  • Fixed spelling, etc. mistakes in the documentation.
  • Updated Filter dialog to better handle resizing.
  • For the built-in FreeDV Reporter client in the application:
    • Fixed capitalization of distance/frequency units in FreeDV Reporter window.
    • Reviewed and merged a PR to adjust the text alignment and sizing of columns in FreeDV Reporter.
    • Fixed bug involving handling of invalid characters in grid squares.
    • Improved behavior of Send and Clear buttons for better usability.
    • Added operations to allow management of the saved message list.
    • Added guard code to prevent FreeDV Reporter window from being off screen on startup.
    • Enabled use of space bar for PTT when in the FreeDV Reporter window.
    • Added “heading” column (in degrees) to FreeDV Reporter window.
    • Added logic to prevent FreeDV Reporter window from being above the main window.
    • Fixed Windows-specific off by one issue in FreeDV Reporter sorting code.
  • Removed build support for 32-bit Windows on ARM.
  • Fixed a bug preventing startup on macOS versions older than 10.13.
  • Reorganized and cleaned up code and other files to improve maintainability.
  • Added CI build for macOS.
  • Fixed issue preventing TX audio from resuming after going from TX->RX in full duplex mode.
  • Fixed issue causing intermittent crashes when filters are enabled while running.
  • Prevented unnecessary recreation of resamplers in analog mode.
  • Added a Frequency column to the callsign list (at the bottom of the main window).
  • Improved handling of audio devices with high sample rates (>48000 Hz) and devices with more than two channels.
  • Fixed bug where PTT button background color doesn’t change when toggling PTT via space bar.
  • Fixed bug where FreeDV crashes if only RX sound devices are configured with mic filters turned on.

ezDV also got a minor firmware fix that clears any in-progress beeper messages before outputting new ones.

More information can be found in the commit history below:

(Note that all commit logs above were generated with the following command line:)

git log --author="member@email" --after "Month 1, 2024" --before "Month 31, 2024" --all > commit.log