FreeDV v1.9.9.1 released

This release contains the following content:

  1. Bugfixes:
    • Cache PortAudio sound info to improve startup performance. (PR #689)
    • Fix typo in cardinal directions list. (PR #688)
    • Shrink size of callsign list to prevent it from disappearing off the screen. (PR #692)
    • Clean up memory leak in FreeDV Reporter window. (PR #705)
    • Fix issue causing delayed filter updates when going from tracking band to frequency. (PR #710)
    • Fix hanging issue with footswitch configured. (PR #707)
  2. Enhancements:
    • Add additional error reporting in case of PortAudio failures. (PR #695)
    • Allow longer length user messages. (PR #694)
    • Add context menu for copying messages to the clipboard. (PR #694)
  3. Documentation:
    • Remove broken links in README. (PR #709)
  4. Build system:
    • Add ability to build without LPCNet in preparation for potential future deprecation of 2020/2020B. (PR #711)

More information and download links can be found here.

Note: v1.9.9.1 has been released due to a Windows-only bug caused by PR #689. This PR has been partially reverted in PR #712 and this post subsequently edited to point to the new release.