Mooneer’s FreeDV Update – February 2024

This month, freedv-gui got the following bug fixes and feature enhancements:

  • Added support for displaying cardinal directions (e.g. N/S/E/W) instead of headings in degrees.
  • Improved audio device detection performance when using PortAudio by caching device info.
  • Shrink height of received callsign list on main window to keep it from going off the screen.

ezDV also got the following changes:

  • Lowered AGC target level to prevent OVL LED from unnecessarily flashing on RX.
  • Disabled LED blinking in fuel gauge mode due to low reliability.
  • Added glitch filter to GPIOs to prevent unintended toggling.
  • Improved reliability of Icom radio support in congested Wi-Fi environments.
  • Fully refresh web UI after ezDV comes back from being rebooted (intended to ensure user gets any HTML/JS changes as part of a firmware update).
  • Fixed bug preventing Wi-Fi scan from actually stopping when user switches away from Wi-Fi tab on web UI.
  • Don’t remove Wi-Fi networks from the network list if they don’t appear in a subsequent scan.
  • Build system: adjusted copyright date in web UI based on firmware build date.
  • Default radio port to 50001 to match Icom defaults.
  • Cleaned up compiler warnings in code.
  • Fixed crash if Wi-Fi goes down during a network scan.
  • Build system: use official Codec2 release instead of codec2-dev.
  • Refactored USB power detection so that it’s more resilient to missed interrupts.

More information can be found in the commit history below:

(Note that all commit logs above were generated with the following command line:)

git log --author="member@email" --after "Month 1, 2024" --before "Month 31, 2024" --all > commit.log

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  1. How is the development for the FLEX. what’s the odds of ever getting it running on a wave form?

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