ezDV with 3D printed enclosure
ezDV with 3D printed enclosure

ezDV is a handheld hardware device that allows easy use of FreeDV, whether on the go or at home. Powered by an ESP32-S3 microcontroller, its built-in Wi-Fi support allows completely wireless setup (with supported radios) along with enabling more modern functionality such as FreeDV Reporter reporting and wireless firmware updates.

For those radios without network capability, interfacing them with ezDV is straightforward through the use of the industry standard 3.5mm TRRS audio jack. This jack is configured similarly to what is used with wired headsets for mobile phones. Analog audio is also passed in and out from/to your wired headset using a second 3.5mm audio jack.


  • Battery powered for potentially all-day operation
  • USB-C charging (no need to build your own power cable or find a properly sized/wired barrel plug)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for device configuration and interfacing with radios
    • Wireless CAT control and audio I/O currently supported for the Flex 6000 series and Icom IC-705 radios
  • Transmit and receive of FreeDV 700D, 700E and 1600 modes (along with analog audio passthrough)
  • Wired headset support for the best speaker and microphone that you can take with you 🙂
  • Open source firmware–new features are a pull request away


TAPR has partnered with the FreeDV project to manufacture and sell ezDV. They will have a stock of ezDV units at the 2024 Dayton Hamvention (booth #5009-5011) and are also selling them on the TAPR Store.

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