Mooneer’s FreeDV Update – November 2023

This month, the freedv-gui project got several good feature improvements and bug fixes:

  • macOS: include entitlements to allow usage of audio devices on Sonoma.
  • Added the ability to force RX Only reporting for FreeDV Reporter.
  • Operating system usage is now logged with FreeDV Reporter (to help guide future development).
  • New calling frequencies for 160 and (for IARU Region 2) 80 and 40 meters: 1997 KHz, 3850 KHz, 7197 KHz.
  • A visible “Help” button has been added to the main window of the application that goes directly to a list of resources for obtaining assistance.
  • Fixed an issue preventing FreeDV from compiling when using Hamlib 4.6.
  • Fixed issues with reloading previous window sizing.
  • Fixed issue preventing the reload of the previous manually-entered frequency.

Additionally, ezDV got some significant improvements as well:

  • Improvements to reduce sleep/off power usage due to new “charging status” mode.
  • Fixed check for battery fuel gauge chip to allow operation without it being included on the board.
  • Now reports as running “other” for the OS to FreeDV Reporter.
  • Added ability to customize the hostname of ezDV (in case a user has multiple devices on the same network).
  • Added ability to select Wi-Fi networks from a list (instead of needing to manually enter the SSID).

FreeDV Reporter updates:

  • Added link between Discord and FreeDV Reporter.
  • Fixed website formatting issues.
  • Added escaping for HTML to prevent scripting attacks.

More information can be found in the commit history below:

FreeDV v1.9.5 Released

FreeDV version 1.9.5 has been released, which contains the following content:

  1. Bugfixes:
    • Fix bug preventing frequency updates from being properly suppressed when frequency control is in focus. (PR #585)
    • Fix bug preventing 60 meter frequencies from using USB with DIGU/DIGL disabled. (PR #589)
    • Additional fix for PR #561 to parse/format frequencies using current locale. (PR #595)
    • Add entitlements to work around macOS Sonoma permissions bug. (PR #598)
    • Fix bug preventing FreeDV Reporter window from closing after resetting configuration to defaults. (PR #593)
    • Fix bug preventing reload of manually entered frequency on start. (PR #608)
  2. Enhancements:
    • FreeDV Reporter: Add support for filtering the exact frequency. (PR #596)
    • Add confirmation dialog box before actually resetting configuration to defaults. (PR #593)
    • Add ability to double-click FreeDV Reporter entries to change the radio’s frequency. (PR #592)
    • FreeDV Reporter: Add ability to force RX Only reporting in Tools->Options. (PR #599)
    • Add new 160m/80m/40m calling frequencies for IARU R2. (PR #601)
    • Add Help button to allow users to get help more easily. (PR #607)
  3. Build system:
    • Upgrade wxWidgets to 3.2.4. (PR #607)
  4. Other:
    • Report OS usage to FreeDV Reporter. (PR #606)

More information and download links can be found here.

FreeDV at Pacificon 2023

The FreeDV project recently went to Pacificon in San Ramon, California to discuss the latest updates to the project as well as interact with its users. On the first day prior to the hamfest officially opening, we set up a FreeDV booth just down the hall from the ATV booth and across from Bioenno Power, which had several cool things on it:

(From left to right: DVB-T transceiver, Mel Whitten K0PFX, the latest SM1000, two separate ezDV setups with the Icom IC-705 and Elecraft KX3, and a display showing the latest FreeDV activity on FreeDV Reporter.)

Over the course of the weekend, the booth got significant traffic from hams from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond interested in HF digital voice. One person (John AL7ID) even came from the Fairbanks (Alaska) area!

Mooneer Salem (K6AQ) also gave a talk introducing FreeDV and explaining how to get on the air using it, including discussing the software and hardware options available. As a result of the presentation and the presence at the booth, we were able to provide assistance to several users (some over email after the show concluded) who previously had difficulty getting FreeDV running:

As an additional surprise, the M17 project also had a booth at Pacificon this year, where they had their latest OpenHT project on display. Wojciech Kaczmarski SP5WWP, the person who started M17, also happened to be there and hung out with us at the booth for a bit:

All in all, it was definitely a fun and worthwhile experience. Hope to see you guys again next year!