FreeDV v1.9.7 released

This release contains the following content:

  1. Bugfixes:
    • Use double precision instead of float for loading frequency list. (PR #627)
    • Improve validation of frequencies in Options dialog. (PR #628)
    • Fix typo resulting in TX device sample rate being used for filter initialization. (PR #630)
    • Fix intermittent crash resulting from object thread starting before object is fully initialized. (PR #630)
    • Prevent creation of filters if not enabled. (PR #631)
    • Fix issue preventing Start button from re-enabling itself on audio device errors. (PR #636)
    • Fix issue preventing proper FreeDV Reporter column sizing on Windows. (PR #638)
    • Fix flicker in FreeDV Reporter window when tracking by frequency. (PR #637)
    • Update Filter dialog to better handle resizing. (PR #641)
    • Fix capitalization of distance units in FreeDV Reporter window. (PR #642)
    • Rename KHz to kHz in documentation and UI. (PR #643)
    • Avoid calculating distances in FreeDV Reporter window for those with invalid grid squares. (PR #646#649)
    • Fix display bugs in FreeDV Reporter window when switching between dark and light mode. (PR #646)
    • Add guard code to prevent FreeDV Reporter window from being off screen on startup. (PR #650)
    • Fix issue preventing FreeDV startup on macOS <= 10.13. (PR #652)
    • On startup, only jiggle height and not width. (PR #653)
    • Fix issue preventing FreeDV from being linked with older versions of Xcode. (PR #654)
    • Fix issue preventing TX audio from resuming after going from TX->RX in full duplex mode. (PR #655)
  2. Enhancements:
    • Allow user to refresh status message even if it hasn’t been changed. (PR #632)
    • Increase priority of status message highlight. (PR #632)
    • Adjust FreeDV Reporter data display to better match accepted UX standards. (PR #644)
    • Further reduce required space for each column in FreeDV Reporter window. (PR #646)
    • Provide an option Do save only certain FreeDV Reporter messages sent to the server. (PR #647)
  3. Build system:
    • Include PDB debugging file for FreeDV. (PR #633)
    • End support for 32 bit ARM on Windows. (PR #651)
    • Begin performing CI builds for macOS. (PR #654)
  4. Documentation:
    • Fix spelling, etc. mistakes in the documentation. (PR #640)
    • Update README to reflect latest state of codebase. (PR #654)
    • Move older changelog from user manual to separate file. (PR #654)
  5. Code cleanup:
    • Move GUI related files into their own folder. (PR #654)
    • Move build scripts into cmake folder. (PR #654)
    • Remove no longer used scripts and patch files. (PR #654)

More information and download links can be found here.

2 Replies to “FreeDV v1.9.7 released”

  1. I often use the Analog/Digital button to switch into analog mode. This analog mode has an advantage over using the rig natively for analog since it can benefit from using the mic/speaker sound system on the PC. I noticed the analog audio from the PC can sound a bit scratchy. Can consideration be made for improvements to analog mode? This would ease switching back and forth to digital keeping me more engaged with FreeDV.
    Larger button sizes for frequently used buttons like Start, Analog/Digital & PTT would be helpful as well as an option to automatically engage digital mode on pre-defined digital frequencies and analog mode on others.

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