Mooneer’s FreeDV Update – April 2024

This month, freedv-gui got the following bug fixes and feature enhancements:

  • Resolved a memory leak in the FreeDV Reporter window.
  • Fixed an issue causing the GUI to prevent stopping with PTT input enabled.
  • Fixed broken links in the README file.
  • Added build logic to allow building the application without LPCNet.
  • Reverted previous fix for a delayed filtering bug and adopted an alternate solution.
  • Partially reverted audio device discovery optimization due to Windows-specific bug.
  • Released versions 1.9.9 and
  • Fixed display bug where 800XA radio button is still enabled in RX Only mode.
  • Fixed display bug causing tooltip to block squelch and TX Attenuation values.

ezDV also got the following changes:

  • Added additional debugging options in “make menuconfig”.
  • Fixed a bug where ezDV maintains a connection to FreeDV Reporter even after clearing the callsign and grid square.
  • Added support for Wi-Fi roaming.
  • Updated previous websocket task workaround due to an update to esp_websocket_client to only kill the task when ezDV is powering down.
  • Added initial logic for IPv6 support.
  • Added various memory and performance optimizations

More information can be found in the commit history below:

(Note that all commit logs above were generated with the following command line:)

git log --author="member@email" --after "Month 1, 2024" --before "Month 31, 2024" --all > commit.log

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