FreeDV v1.9.5 Released

FreeDV version 1.9.5 has been released, which contains the following content:

  1. Bugfixes:
    • Fix bug preventing frequency updates from being properly suppressed when frequency control is in focus. (PR #585)
    • Fix bug preventing 60 meter frequencies from using USB with DIGU/DIGL disabled. (PR #589)
    • Additional fix for PR #561 to parse/format frequencies using current locale. (PR #595)
    • Add entitlements to work around macOS Sonoma permissions bug. (PR #598)
    • Fix bug preventing FreeDV Reporter window from closing after resetting configuration to defaults. (PR #593)
    • Fix bug preventing reload of manually entered frequency on start. (PR #608)
  2. Enhancements:
    • FreeDV Reporter: Add support for filtering the exact frequency. (PR #596)
    • Add confirmation dialog box before actually resetting configuration to defaults. (PR #593)
    • Add ability to double-click FreeDV Reporter entries to change the radio’s frequency. (PR #592)
    • FreeDV Reporter: Add ability to force RX Only reporting in Tools->Options. (PR #599)
    • Add new 160m/80m/40m calling frequencies for IARU R2. (PR #601)
    • Add Help button to allow users to get help more easily. (PR #607)
  3. Build system:
    • Upgrade wxWidgets to 3.2.4. (PR #607)
  4. Other:
    • Report OS usage to FreeDV Reporter. (PR #606)

More information and download links can be found here.