Mooneer’s FreeDV Update – May 2024

This month, a special demo version of freedv-gui was spun up that allowed the project to demo RADAE at Dayton Hamvention. In addition, functionality was added to allow the user to resize the “Msg” column in FreeDV Reporter and preserve the new size across executions.

ezDV also got the following changes:

  • Documentation/web UI updates to reflect the recent introduction of the Flex 8000 series radios.
  • Optimizations for Icom Wi-Fi support to reduce CPU usage.
  • Fixed a bug preventing ezDV from properly adjusting filters on Flex when in LSB mode.
  • Fixed a bug where ezDV transmitted the voice keyer one more time than configured.
  • Fixed a bug where ezDV was using the wrong underlying mode for FDVL mode on Flex.

More information can be found in the commit history below:

(Note that all commit logs above were generated with the following command line:)

git log --author="member@email" --after "Month 1, 2024" --before "Month 31, 2024" --all > commit.log

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